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Step 1


Preparation is the planning and background portion of the process. During this time, we will look at the client, their goals, the business, and industry that they are a part of, and our abilities. we use this time to adequately prepare for anything that may prove to be an obstacle during coaching.

Assess the current situation – Gap Analysis

Assess the current situation – Gap Analysis – What needs to be addressed?
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In this step,point we smooth out all the details of our relationship with our client. It the point in which we work on the more formal aspects of coaching with our client, including any paperwork and the financial aspects of the arrangement.

This step answers

Who is participating in the coaching? What roles and responsibilities does everyone have? How long will everything last? What are the goals and objectives? Flexible hours
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Start-up Session

This will be the longest-is designed to establish the tone for the rest of the sessions. During this time, we work on establishing the relationship between our client and Us. An opportunity for us to form and strengthen that necessary trust in our relationship with the client.

Action Plan

Client may have never worked with a business coach before and will need some time to adjust to the process. How to reach? What sequential steps need to be taken? How to address the en-route challenges?
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Regular Session

Establishing routine, which you can work out with your client during the start-up session.

Execution strategy

A standard start time for each session. Each session is different-presumably we will be covering a different topic per session. Who will do, by when? Team empowerment – Authority, Accountability, Responsibility
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Final Session

Final session are somewhat different from the rest of the sessions have with our clients. Like the start-up session, the final session may be longer than a regular session. An assessment of our client's progress is done at this stage.

Goal Achievement

Where & When did you reach? Analyze performance. This will serve to determine if the coaching has been successful, and what additional work may be needed for our client.
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The purpose behind this is to tie up any loose ends from the earlier steps in the coaching process. we have achieved the main objectives,our client's goals,for the coaching arrangement.

Post Coaching

we appreciate any feedback that clients can give us. Post-coaching step as part of our process can lay the groundwork for the next time. We work with the client. we give our clients the opportunity to ask any final questions.



With digital marketing, business development  and coaching experience expertise, I helped build and grow companies. In the constantly changing field of digital businesses, it is my mission to provide individuals and small businesses with the skills to master the critical tactics and strategies that will drive their business growth.

Why Business Coach

Get guidance and stay ahead of your competitors


Creation and refinement of company vision

As a small business owner, the world is on your shoulders. Working with a coach can help you rise above the daily noise to focus priorities and find time for the strategic planning needed to ensure that your company continues to thrive.


Better decision-making skills

we help you craft a solid business vision and develop an action plan to bring your vision to life. We work with you to offer guidance where you need it, leading you, your business and your team to new levels of success. Respond to a wide variety of challenges, from the changing economy.

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Improved communication and Greater results

It is important that I really look after your interests and that is why I do not work with conflicting accounts. Clarity in understanding of the relationship between thoughts and behaviors and their impact on your effectiveness.

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